Thursday, May 27, 2010


Will cats and a dog do instead? I can't seem to locate the "Buns". They must be hiding. Probably didn't want to be washed again! I just did throw one in the wash the other day. Shelby, our "deer" dog. We've had her a whole year now.
This is one of the kittens from Sheba's latest litter with Sarah, as in Palin, who is one of Abigail's kittens last August. I'm so glad we decided to keep her after Suki died. I couldn't have made it through all my post op trouble without her. She laid on my lap and purred day in and day out, sensing that I needed her to take my mind off how I felt. Now that I'm finally up and about, she's moved on to taking care Sheba's kittens.

Grandad's iris, "Romantic Evening". It does kind of look like a ball gown.


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