Wednesday, September 16, 2009


You Were Invited to a Tea Party
When: 9/12 to commemorate the day when Americans pulled together after the terrorist attacks on 9/11
Where: All over this nation, including right here at our state capitol in Salem, Oregon. The biggest of course being held in our nations capitol where people gathered from all over this nation. They covered the 1 mile stretch of Mall from the steps of the Capitol to the Washington Monument and even overflowing onto Constitution Ave.
Who: Neighbors, veterans...

Ordinary people who gave up a beautiful Saturday to be here putting their feet where their mouths are...
Grandparents concerned about their medical care being rationed and out of control taxes for their children and grandchildren...
And even husbands who sacrificed one of their last nice Saturdays of the year instead of painting the house! What a choice!!
Why didn't you hear about it? Maybe you're watching the wrong news channel?


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