Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Ordinary folks, "not angry mobs" as we've been labeled, attend Tea Parties as a way to let government know how much we disagree with their out of control spending and taxing in these hard economic times. As we tighten our belts in order to provide for our families, they spend our hard earned money on frivolous stimulus! A better way to stimulate the economy would be to put that money back in the pockets of the American people!I thought this little guy's shirt summed it up pretty well. You know how cynical I've become when the first thought that crossed my mind when I saw these two dogs was, "Which would you rather feed...A bigger government or a smaller one? But then the animal lover in me resurfaced and I had to talk to the owners and find out all about their Great Dane and Chiwawa. I fell in love!
As we left to walk the several blocks back to our car, I turned and saw this beautiful shot of the capitol.

This statue of the Circuit Riding Preacher is right next to the capitol building. If only we could get back to God as the solution to all of our problems as we once did when we truly were "One Nation Under God"!


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