Thursday, November 20, 2008


Down the road a ways on our journey across the Mohawk Trail, we came upon the French King Bridge. From it we had a gorgeous view of the Connecticut River and all the spectacular fall foliage.

The end of the day brought us to Poetry Ridge, the bed and breakfast that Jessi arranged for us. It was the 13th of October and the anniversary of when Grammy and Grandad first met, so we just had to stay some place special. The view out the back was spectacular complete with wild geese flying over!

It was a good thing I took the picture of the view from the B&B the night before because the next morning it was fogged in. The people who own the B&B were wonderful and served us a fantastic breakfast of waffles with every imaginable kind of topping. But we couldn't linger, we had much to see and miles to go. So we loaded up our Chrysler 300 and off we went...again.


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