Saturday, November 15, 2008


Another gorgeous day in New England. Since we'd managed to see pretty much all of Boston in one day, we decided to take one of our days there to see two more states. So we headed up to New Hampshire and Maine. It's hard for us Oregonians to fathom the smallness of these states and that you can actually see several in a day!
Portsmouth, New Hampshire became one of our favorite spots on the trip. We so badly wanted to take a Harbor Cruise, but found out that we'd have to come back at noon just to put our names on a waiting list! So we did and then prayed. At 3:00 when the cruise set sail, all 6 of us were the last to be able to get on it! What a God thing. We were thinking maybe there would be a couple of cancellations, but 6? In the mean time we toured the city. We took a walk which included a lot of historical houses and buildings and Liberty Gardens, above, which was across from Strawberry Banke, a famous historical block in Portsmouth.On the other side of Liberty Gardens is Prescott Park where we ladies waited for the guys to put our names on the cruise waiting list. Above is a view from the dock there looking out across the Piscataqua River. When they got back we found the quaintest little cafe' called Popovers. We probably have the fondest memories there of all the places we ate. You'll have to ask us about Grammy and the line for the bathroom! I can't remember when I've laughed so hard!Maybe I'm getting a little better at summarizing, like my niece, Alysun, who can condense a whole 10 day trip to Canada into only a few pictures. Anyway, I weeded over a hundred beautiful pictures from the harbor cruise down to 2! Of course you're missing the 2 lighthouses we saw and Portsmouth prison, not to mention all the beautiful homes. If you really want to see them, I guess you'll have to come look at my scrapbook when and if I ever get to it!
A trick I learned just recently, the computer challenged person that I am, is to left click on the picture for a larger view! Who'd have thought? It definitely helps with the above picture.


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