Saturday, February 09, 2008


What a difference from last weeks snowstorm! Today we had 58 degrees and sunshine! It's hard to believe that it was just a week ago that we got another 4" of fresh snow on top of our 3" base. It took till Wednesday till I could get to the cat cage without crunching through snow. I should have shoveled I know, but hey, it usually melts by afternoon! The weather was so cold and nasty that we got lazy and took most of our pictures through the windows. Of course could it be that we were actually getting tired of bundling all up to go out and take pictures? My fingers get so cold and numb photographing the snow. Ever tried it with gloves? The top picture is looking out our bedroom window. The second picture is from the kitchen window, and the one above is looking down from the family room window.This is my little Fringe tree planted last spring from Daryl's nursery of couse. I hope it blooms as prettily as this come iris time!
Well, this could be "goodbye" to snow until next year! However, we have pictures of a good snowstorm as late as March 10th!


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