Tuesday, January 29, 2008

There's always time for more snow pictures!Josiah and I had a busy morning. After making our usual rounds taking pictures of the same things (Hey, there was twice the snow on everything! It really does look different!), he took me down the hill to my haircut appointment, only sliding a couple of times. However...getting back up is a different story! We ended up parking the car in my walking partner's driveway and walking up the hill. At the bottom of the hill there was a full size pickup crosswise in the road with it's rear end in the ditch! Glad we didn't try it! The 4 wheel drive vehicle trying to pull the truck out of the ditch (out of the picture to the right) was sliding sideways down the hill!

Both of us decided we hadn't had enough fun in the snow, so we built this snowman family all before lunchtime!
Hey! I can even see them from my kitchen window! Hope they can stay for a while!
Here's my little family the next morning with snow on their hats, and the ground we'd uncovered to make them is again totally covered.


Blogger Cathy said...

What a beautiful family!

Friday, February 1, 2008 at 5:20:00 PM PST  

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