Saturday, January 28, 2006

Spring Remembered

Tuesday the 24th was beautiful and sunny up here on our mountain top!
Our first sunny day since Dec. 17th! But I'm afraid it was just a teaser.
It did feel good to get out in my yard and clean up some flower beds in anticipation of the
Spring flowers to come. Here are some reminders from last Spring to
bring back hope that this eternal rain will end and the sun and flowers will return!
Above is our Weeping Peach tree in the background, and Camelia in the forground. (A sight we should be seeing again shortly!)

Pink Cheroke Chief Dogwood and Bridlewreath Spirea are in the background, and Lord Roberts Rhododendron in the foreground. But we'll have to wait till May for these. In this picture this Spring will be the Eastern Red Bud tree that Jess & Drew gave me for Mother's Day last year. I can't wait to see it bloom. My little taste of beautiful Virginia!

After the hot pink of the Weeping Peach have faded, the yellow of the Basket of Gold Alysum and the purple of the tulips and Arabis take over.

Pink Wiegela and Spirea are in the background, with Lord Roberts and Purple Splendor Rhododendrons in the forground surrounding one of several benches scattered around the yard to sit and ponder all of God's glorious creation! And one of these days (soon I hope) the benches won't be wet!!


Anonymous Grammy said...

Since this is the first time home at this time of year for ten years a reminder that the rain will stop is welcome news.

Sunday, January 29, 2006 at 3:15:00 PM PST  

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