Monday, December 19, 2005

This morning we woke up to diamonds everywhere!
Against the backdrop of 1 1/2" of snow we got yesterday, it was beautiful!

It would have been a lot more enjoyable if we hadn't been so busy hauling water from the neighbors in every available container we had, then heating the water to wash and do dishes, however, we lucked out having to carry very many buckets of water from our stock tanks to flush toilets as we've been able to use the outhouse at the building site across the street. Let me tell you that seat is cold!! As you've probably guessed by now, 30 days of below freezing weather got to some of our pipes somewhere. We never could figure out where. We've been without water since Thursday morning in the middle of my shower, just after I got all soaped up!

The good news is that Grandad is here, and he and the boys are attempting to get our water back. Maybe, we'll finally get those coveted showers! Boy am I ever glad we don't live back in the days when this was a way of life. All you get done is take care of the basic necessities of life. And we're all exhausted! So much for all the cookie baking we had to do this week. It's just not near as much fun when you have to stop, go get water, heat it up, and then wash all your baking equipment. I'm holding out for water coming out of my faucet! Hopefully, we'll be able to catch up and get it all done anyway. Thank the Lord for running water!


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