Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Those of you who know the "Camo Kid" know what a miracle this was! We have his friends Jeremy Gigstad and Alicia White, who got married on July 16, to thank for this phenomenon.
The above picture was taken after the wedding in the receiving line with the bridesmaid he was partnered with. Below - we caught him long enough before the wedding for a quick photo, all be it with him hiding behind the shades which all the groomsmen sported when walking down the aisle.
Before the wedding we also had a family reunion in the city park, which we had to leave early in order to get to the wedding on time.
It was good to catch up with Marci's cousins Brenda and Twilla. Brenda, a missionary with Campus Crusade, was here visiting from Florida, and Twilla, her sister, from Idaho.
Since our visit at the park got cut short, we had them over for dinner and of course a German chocolate cake which is Brenda's favorite. After all it was her 60th birthday! We had a great time visiting and playing "Take 2".


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