Thursday, April 09, 2009


Monday the 23rd of March when all the masking was taken down after the upper cabinets were sprayed, the wallpaper came down with it in several places! At first I was hoping I could repair it, but there were just too many rips like these for the amount of wallpaper I had up in the attic. So Tuesday I went down to The Decorated Wall here in town and looked for new wallpaper to replace it and found four possibles, which I brought home to match to the original tile wallpaper on the bottom. That quickly narrowed it down to one. So after getting permission from our head contractor, I went ahead and ordered it 2nd day air. It arrived by that Friday afternoon, and the fun began! Thursday I'd spent the day stripping the old off, so I started right in wallpapering Friday afternoon, and was done by the time the lower cabinets were installed the following Monday the 30th.
The great part is that even though I couldn't replace what I had exactly, I actually like the new better. I didn't even try to replace the border. I don't miss it at all, and neither does Bernard. All he cares is that he finally got a counter to sit on to watch his birds again.
At this point we're waiting on the Formica which had to be reordered. (Another two weeks!!) When the cabinet installer rolled it out to cut it, it was the wrong width! Good news it should be here next week and maybe by next weekend they'll be doing the wood floor, which they'll have to kick us out to a motel while they do that.


Blogger Aly sun said...

I really like the vibrant blue. Your kitchen looks like it has a lot of tiny wall paper pieces. It must have been very challenging to get it done so fast. It looks great.

Thursday, April 9, 2009 at 4:34:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Cathy said...

Oh, I really like the new stuff better too. Very pretty! How nice to get everything new again!...I know, you did it the hard way...but it's gotta be worth it in the end, right?!

Friday, April 10, 2009 at 1:49:00 PM PDT  

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