Friday, December 19, 2008


Since Dennis has the only vehicle that can be chained up, the rest of us are stuck up on this mountainside. Monday, while the snow was still dry and powdery Josiah and I were able to walk down the hill. We walked to the post office to say "Hi" to Dennis and then continued on through the park to get these two pictures.
The rest of the week was just too icy, with highs only in the 20's to attempt to even walk anywhere. Tuesday morning Dennis slipped into the ditch going down the hill to work...with chains on! Thankfully he was able to drive back out!
Wednesday morning while going out to get the paper, Carissa took these pictures of the icicles forming on the trees by the paper box.
From our kitchen window, Josiah got a picture of the covey of quail that came to eat the sunflower seeds I put out.


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