Thursday, September 06, 2007


What would August be without the corn harvest! Well, last year we could tell you. We didn't plant any corn last spring so that we could save the money we would have spent to water it so we could go to Virginia and visit Jessi at Easter this year. It was so good to taste our own fresh corn on the cob this year! But even better than the corn, was the visit from my best friend and walking partner, Linda, who ended up helping me put the cut corn in bags. I have missed her so much since her and her husband sold their house across the street last December, and have now moved to the Medford area. Ron and Dennis shot the breeze outside while Dennis cut the corn from the cobs. My job was the blanching and bagging. Anyway it was such a nice surprise to have Ron and Linda visit. Linda says she is now officially a "bag lady"! And another treat...she came back Monday morning and we walked to the park together just like old times!As the centerpiece from the baby shower moved inside to the dining room table, Bernard felt it would enhance it if he was in it! I have to admit the blue eyes do bring out the blue in the flowers!


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