Thursday, December 15, 2005

Since I finally sent out my Christmas cards today and since this blog is a replacement for the dreaded Christmas letter, I figured I better update a little about everyone in the family, not just the cats. Even though they are like my grandchildren... until I get the real thing! (Sorry Jessi & Drew!)

We'll start with Carissa since she's kind of gotten left out of things this past year. First she was going to school to be a "Nail Tech". Then she didn't get to go to Virginia with us because of needing to stay here to build up a clientele. She is working at "Hairs Inn" in Monmouth. She's a great artist and nails are a great pallet! You can check out her artwork by clicking on the link to her blog. The picture to the left was taken at the Summer Fest Auto Show in the Dallas City Park the end of July. Classic cars happen to be a passion with the whole family.
The picture on the right is from our visit 4th of July to Olympia and Black Lake Bible Camp and Uncle Tom & Aunt Sherri's to visit Josiah who has worked there the past two and a half summers. Carissa also worked there one summer. We took along Josiah's good homeschool buddy, Josh Schinn, as a surprise. You can tell he was very pleased!

I'm out of time for today. Got to go get dressed for dress rehearsal for the Christmas Production at our church. Maybe tomorrow I'll have time to tell you what Jeremiah's been up to!


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