Sunday, May 07, 2006


I have a story for you. Dennis had to work at the P.O. yesterday morning. (I know it was Saturday. What else is new!) In the meantime we here at home are going about the regular Saturday chores, one being feeding the animals. Well, I looked everywhere and couldn't find Suki. Ever since her surgery she sleeps in the garage and very rarely leaves the yard, so I couldn't figure out where she could be. All morning every time I thought about it I kept calling her. Back to Dennis...he gets off work, goes to visit his parents, and then as he's getting back into the station wagon to go home, there's Suki as big as you please in the back of the car! She had to have been in there since the afternoon before when Dennis had unloaded some cement blocks after work! What an adventure she had; spent the night in the car and went to work! Let me tell you she sure was glad to get out! She wouldn't let us out of her sight the rest of the day! By the messes in the car!!!


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